Biomass heating

There are about 24,000 wood chip-fuelled and 29,300 pellet-fuelled heating systems installed in the region. This represents more than a quarter of Austria's installed small automatic heating plants (central heating, < 100 kW), making Upper Austria the leading region in Austria for this modern heating technology.

In addition, about 16,200 modern automatic firewood systems are installed in Upper Austria. As for large scale biomass systems (> 100 kW and communal facilities), there are over 2,400 projects including more than 350 local district heating projects in the region. Several existing plants were expanded.

In 2016, 55% of the newly installed automatic biomass boiler capacity was below 100 kW, 27% was between 100 kW - 1 MW and 18% was larger than 1 MW. In total, 65 MW were installed, as shown in the cumulative graph below.